Slate of Officers/Chairs 2019

This is the slate of Officers/Chairs for 2019:

Chair:  Doug Sadtler
Chair-Elect:  Jamie Supica
Treasurer:  Cheryl Waack
Secretary:  Rita Miller
Programs:  Doug Sadtler
Reservations:  Tracy Rhea-Fox
Voice of the Customer [VOC]:  Donna Blackmon
Membership:  Jamie Supica
Publicity & Communications:  Doug Sadtler
Education:  Mark Moehle
Nominations:  Steve Brazil
Re-certification:  Vinson Dill
Awards:  Dave Mrozinski
Healthcare:  Ben Salazar
Employment:  Cris Clifton
Audit:  Shirelle Humphrey
Webmaster: Michelle Henson

If you would like to volunteer for any position next year, please contact the Nominations Chair at

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