Why obtain a certification?

August 2008:

ASQ Section 1118 recently had seventeen of our members pass their certification exams as Certified Quality Auditor, Certified Quality Improvement Associate, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, and eight people as Certified Quality Engineer. Congratulations to each of these professionals for the successful results of their hard work,

Out of the 495 active (dues paying) members, the top seven categories of certification by count are currently (as of 4 Aug 08): 

CQE 114                   CQI   15
CQT 69   CSSBB 15
CQA 64   CSSGB 7
CMQ-OE 37   Misc. 21

Why be Certified?

In today’s business world, competency of an individual’s performance has value to organizations in general.  ASQ annually publishes a salary survey in the Quality Progress magazine.  Those that possess certifications generally are paid higher salaries than those without certification in the very same job description.  There are currently 14 types of certification provided by ASQ, so how much value is provided by certification depends upon the industry.  To get an idea of the value check out this article that is available on the ASQ website: 
Click here for ASQ article
What is certification?

Certification by ASQ is peer recognition of competency in a particular area of expertise (Body of Knowledge associated with a specific certification).  The recognition is a result of having a certain amount of education and experience in an area of expertise and passing an examination addressing that same Body of Knowledge.  Certification is not registration or licensure by ASQ.


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