Letter from the Chair

Doug Sadtler

Letter from the Chair | Letter From The Chair

To My Quality-Driven Colleagues,

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you - I hope you are enjoying time with those closest to you this week.  I come to you this month with a sense of sadness in that ASQ Middle Tennesse has recently lost one of our Board Members to the earthly bonds of this life.  Bruce Jones has served our Section for the last ten years and been an ASQ member for the last 20.  He was a Sr Engineer at Asurion here in Nashville for the last eight+ years and genuinely enjoyed working there.  We were pleased to honor him in 2017 with the Vince Barry Award for his services as our Communications Chair.  Bruce was the individual who would normally send out this very Newsletter, and so in his place, I wish to extend my condolences to his colleagues and friends.  I am grateeful to Bruce for his service to us.     http://brucejones.life 

I have had the privilege these last few months of joining the TN Center for Performance Excellence as one of the Examiners for Baldrige-program applicants.  It has been a long and grueling endeavor that I have enjoyed learning from.  If you are interested about this opportunity for the 2019 calendar year, be sure to mark your calendar for our January 10th meeting, where we will discuss it in-detail.  It is a fantastic opportunity to bring strategic operational excellence to your workplkace.  Also, a new addition to our 2019 schedule is the May 9th tour of Zeiss Metrology Lab @ 7:00 PM.

As the Summer kicked off, ASQ introduced its new social ocmmunity platform, myASQ.  This new platform is designed to be the Society's future vehicle for communicating with its Membership, so I highly encourage you to engage with it - especially as it will overtake Section Websites (like this one) and social media accounts by Summer of 2019.  [This is one of the many things I am fighting with ASQ about.]  I encourage you to give it a visit at:


It is also accessible through the home page of www.asq.org.  If any of you are interested about some of the details around the Transformation issues I alluded to in the prior paragraph, I recommend perusing the Transformation section of the platform (asq.org login will be required) where some of my colleagues and I have been busy trying to explain why the Transformation initiative is so problematic.  You will find a wealth of powerful information here...and a couple of ASQ Headquarters responses, to boot.  Here is the shortcut:


In closing, I want to remind you of some important dates coming up:
  • To see the list of events occurring under the ASQ umbrella (webinars, conferences, prep courses, etc.), grab a look at the following page: http://asq.org/conferences-events.html
  • Below are the Certification deadlines that are coming up!!!

Apply by: December  7, 2018        Test during: January  4 – 20, 2019



Six Sigma / Process Improvement




Technical / Inspection






For more detailed information, please check the ASQ website:  https://asq.org/cert/dates

Nashville is a fast-growing city, and there are more Quality Professionals joining our area every day.  My goal is to create a healthy dialogue for all of us, and give us a forum where we can be of symbiotic assistance to one another...bringing forth our unique talents.  I look forward to seeing you on December 13th at our Nissan Tour (10 am Tour, Lunch thereafter)..or January 10th at our Membership Meeting...and hearing from you at your convenience!


Doug Sadtler, CQA, CQPA